GFAF Expo: Experience the Hottest Gluten-Free Offerings on the Market

Are there brands you’ve thought about trying but haven’t? Looking for an amazing sauce to take your barbecue to the next level this spring? Longing for the perfect bread? Find all of these things and more at the Gluten Free & Allergy Free Expo April 22 & 23 in Schaumburg,  IL.I’ll be there both day sampling … More GFAF Expo: Experience the Hottest Gluten-Free Offerings on the Market

Asian Tacos

We’ve survived another Monday and now it’s time for the best sort of pick-me-up TACO TUESDAYS! I have a recipe that is delicious and simple for a quick Tuesday night meal for family, friends or just yourself and Netflix. This recipe happened out of luck, the need for a a quick bite one night after … More Asian Tacos

Gluten-Free Wanut

December 19th This holiday, try making something really special. It’s like a donut but a waffle. It makes a great treat for the weekend or when the whole family is in town. Wanuts are the next crazy, and they are great without the wheat. I had my usual concerns about the recipe: would it stand up … More Gluten-Free Wanut

Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

December 10th Happy Thursday everyone! What better way to celebrate the holidays then hot chocolate and sugar cookies? Better, yet, what if we put them into one amazing treat?! This is exactly what has happened here. A fantastic treat that will have everyone taking. This decadent chocolate cake base and sweet sugar cookie create the … More Gluten-Free Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate Cupcakes

Christmas Yummy Bars

December 9th Day 9: I’m sorry this entry is late. I was being Santa’s little helper yesterday and was unable to post. However, I wanted to bring back a recipe that is  my Dad’s favorite during this time of year. It is a family tradition that not a  Christmas passes without yummy bars being made … More Christmas Yummy Bars

Gluten-Free Waffles

December 5th Day 5: Gluten-Free Waffles It’s the weekend before Christmas. The family has come in. Your crazy aunts, uncles, grandparents, inlaws, cousins and anyone else that shows up are standing around your kitchen. You need to make something to keep everyone full and happy before dragging them out shopping. Here is the fix, the … More Gluten-Free Waffles

Gluten-Free Swedish Gingerbread cookies

December 4th: Day 4: Gluten-Free Swedish Gingerbread (Pepparkakor) Cookies Every year, I ask the people I love what their favorite Christmas cookie are. My mother loves Italian lemon cookies (see the s-cookie recipe), my father loves yummy bars, which are more brownie than a cookie. My wonderful boyfriend loves Swedish gingerbread cookie. So a few years … More Gluten-Free Swedish Gingerbread cookies

Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Cream Frosting

Fall has started to creep down the alleyways of the Chicago. Leaves have been spotted playing excitedly on the streets from my bay window.  And so the first weekend of fall began. Starbucks decreed it with Pumpkin Spice Lattes and it was the right weather for boots to be taken out of storage. I wanted to … More Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Cupcakes with Orange Cream Frosting