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Sunday March 16, 2014

On sundays, we brunch. By we, I mean a close friend from college and my boyfriend. Last Sunday we went to a restaurant we had heard about called Tweet. We were drawn there with the promise of gluten free Eggs Benedict, a rare find in the wheat-less world. Tweet is located in at 5020 N.Sheridan Rd, Chicago,IL 60640.
We arrived and found the place packed. At Tweet there are no reservations, you add your name to the list and had to the adjoining bar to wait for it to be called. We ordered bloody Mary’s and mimosa to sip while we waited for about an hour for a table. At the time we were skeptical, but believe me the wait was worth it.
If you find the wait boring there are games, such as Boggle, to play or there’s the interesting decor that provides great discussion pieces.I will say the Bloody Mary is a must, one of the best in the city for tomato lovers and haters a like.
After a few rounds of Boggle our name was called. We headed to a table in the window. Our waitress,first question was, “Is anyone gluten free?” My friend and I exchanged looks, before nodding yes. This made our day, normally you are responsible for addressing the wheat-less issue yourself in hushed voices on the way to the table. Then she handed us a treat, something similar to pound cake. It was amazing! We were handed a large menu, front and back cover with food that we could have, including the coveted Eggs Benedict.
œ Tweet: Eggs Benedict
© JanellZimmerer Tweet: Eggs Benedict
Some of the other options include:
*Pumpkin Pancakes
*Several Varieties of eggs Benedict
*Eggs of all sorts
*Bagel and Lox …. and so much more.
The Eggs Benedict were to die for. I mean thinking about the hollandaise sauce still makes my mouth water. They used gluten free english muffins for the bread, two pouched eggs, and Canadian bacon. The table also had an amazing assortment of hot sauce.
All in all this may be my new favorite brunch place.
Important facts:
Time: 9am-3pm
No Reservation
Attached bar
Cash Only
Gluten free menu
Location: 5020 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago, IL 60640
This place is a must go for the wheatless wanderer and wheatless adventurer a like.

Author: theredheadedwheatlesswanderer

I am a writer, photographer and travel of the world.

3 thoughts

  1. Ah….I totally want to go here now!

    Also, why are so many places in big cities cash only?! I’d expect the big cities to be credit card friendly. Bastards.


    1. It was strange, at least here a lot of the places take cards. When you come visit we will go, there normal menu is pretty amazing as well according to Eric.


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