The moon hits the sky like a BIG PIZZA PIE…that’s CHICAGO’S PIZZA


So here’s the deal, I’m Italian and part of what I grew up loving was pizza, the kind form the north end in Boston where my mom grew up. The super thin kind, where the sauce melted like butter on your tongue. That being said I am a true Chicagoan who understands the joys of deep dish pizza. The crust is something I was sad to have to let go when I learned I could no longer have wheat.

Or so I thought….

Chicago’s Pizza joins the distances between Boston and Chicago, with several locations in the Chicago area. Yes, I am telling you that this place offers deep dish pizza for those wheat-less wonders who thought they had to say good bye to the delicious creation. 

The deep dish pizza tastes no different than a deep dish pizza with wheat in it. If you have never had the pleasure of having a deep dish pizza, then run to this joint. The crust buttery and flaky. The sauce has a nice sweetness mixed with Italian spices to compliment the mozzarella cheese. Those aspects complete the basic pie. Don’t forget to mix up the toppings.

The thin crust pizza is light and airy. It is able to be folded in half to eat, like a true east coaster or any other way you can devise. Again the dough is key. Chicago’s Pizza makes the dough fresh, unlike other companies that use a pre-made frozen dough. Your taste buds will understand the differences, singing the happy song upon contact.


My personal opinion is that if you enjoy pizza and are in Chicago, head to a Chicago’s Pizza location. You won’t be sorry about the choice, and the staff are knowledgeable about the process. They even offer gluten-free bread at the table, which is a bonus. Over all this place makes you feel like everyone else and allows you to enjoy a piece of home.



Below is a link to the full menu. They offer gluten free deep dish, thin crust, stuffed crust and calzones. You can choose to dine in or take out. If you choose latter, you can order online and they deliver. What more could you ask?

Click to access ChicagosMenu2013web.pdf

Open: 11 a.m.-5 a.m. seven days a week.


3114 N Lincoln Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 477-2777

4520 Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL
(773) 427-0100

1919 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 348-1700

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I am a writer, photographer and travel of the world.

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