Orange with a Peel


 Sunday March 30th 2014

After a brief interlude of suit shopping the previous sunday, brunch happened as planned at Orange with a Peel.

This is a trendy family place, complete with carrots nailed to the orange wall as you walk in whimsical touch. Everything about the restaurants gives off a light air.Perhaps it was because it was in the high 50’s, the birds were singing and winter was finally retreating, that  people offered friendly smiles and the staff treat you like an old friend, our waiter even joined our booth as we order.  Whatever the case, it was the perfect mood for brunch, which should never be taken seriously.


We sat down and were presented with two option:

Coffee or Orange Coffee

We selected one of each. I have never had anything like Orange Coffee, but it was amazing. The full flavor of the dark roast ending in a sweet orange burst.  The good news is that you can buy it and have it at home.

Next we we looked over the menu. They offer an array of options for wheat-less wonders. Pancakes, eggs, omelets, Benedict’s (w/o the bread) and scramblers. Below is a link to the menu:

So what did we order?


I got the Chorizo Hash: Two fried eggs over home fries and chorizo, with a side of fruit and salad. It tasted like a breakfast taco, when it was all mixed together. Something completely new for me, asI have never found the idea of a breakfast taco appealing. I would give it a try if you like spicy sausage and who doesn’t love a spicy sausage in their breakfast, I ask?


My lovely friend choose Omelet Five: It contained an apple chutney sausage,  onions,  cheddar cheese, sautéed spinach and pecan sour cream served with a side of fruit and mashed potatoes. She said it was a balanced taste, all the flavors blended together in harmony. This was a surprise as a review on Yelp had called it bland, it was far from bland from the bite I snagged. I say get it, you taste buds will thank you.



Other fun things about the restaurant are that they have a full juice bar and allow you to customize a juice by picking the flavors.






They have two location one in Roscoe Village and the other in Lincoln park.

Orange (Roscoe Village) – 2011 W Roscoe

Orange (Lincoln Park) – 2413 N Clark

Open seven days a week 8 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Come and grab a slice of  Orange next time you are thinking of brunch.


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