What’s on Tap at the GFAF Expo Chicago

Who doesn’t miss the taste of good beer? I know I do. Well, here are some places around the country that are doing there best to bring good gluten free beer into the world.

New Planet Beer

I loved hanging out with these guys at the expo and they were not shy about handing out samples of every beer to sample. New Planet Beer was established in 2008 in Colorado with a goal to create the best beer for every life style.


A family owned company, New Planet even donates a portion of the profits to ecosystem conservation and who doesn’t love a family company that loves the environment?

The area surrounding the table was back with people, similar to a pop-up bar, waiting to sample every flavor that was offered. I had previously had New Planet, however I was not aware of the amount of flavors they offered.


Pale Ale, Amber Ale, Blonde Ale, Raspberry Ale, Belgian Ale & Brown Ale

To learn more about each beer click their name to go to New Planets site.

My personal favorite is the Belgian Ale, because it tastes like beer. Normally gluten free beer is sweet because they use sorghum, however the Belgian Ale has a bright refreshing taste with a hint of honey and cinnamon.

If your looking for something similar to an American Pale Ale, then try the Pale Ale. If miss the hoppy taste, then this beer is for you.

My boyfriend, Eric, found the the Brown Ale to be his favorite.  It is an award winning beer rich in chocolate and coffee flavors.  He says, “It tastes like real beer,” referring to the distinction between gluten free beer and regular beer.

If you like fruity beer, then the Raspberry Ale is the way to go. The taste is almost like a cider with a bit of a zing to it.

If you’re looking for a drink on a Friday night crack open a cold New Planet Beer and started the weekend with a bang. With some much variety, everyone can find their favorite.


 Green’s Brewery

Green’s offers four types of gluten free beer, all of which were available to sample at the GFAF Expo and willing to chat about their favorites.  But I will get to that in a minute, first a little history. The beer is brewed in Lochristi, Belgium and inspire by European craft beers. The idea, to make beer be a refreshing and flavorful as regular beer. They also offer cider.


To learn more about the beer click the name and it will direct you to Green’s Brewery’s website.

The Four Beers:


Enterprise Dry Hopped Lager

This was my favorite beer from. It had crisp dry flavor that I could have sipped all day. I enjoyed that it wasn’t too sweet, like many gf beers.

Endeavor Dubbel Ale

This beer tastes of toffee, dark sugar and carmel. If you miss a dark beer this is the beer for you.

Quest Triple Ale  & Discovery Amber Ale

The Last Beer offered a home brew and beer.

Bard’s Brewery

The guy tending the booth seemed uninterested in his product. Eric is interested in trying to home brew gluten free beer and was excited to find a kit that we could taste the results from. However, the man was not interested in discussing the brew at any length.


However, the beer tasted pretty good. Smooth and rich, with a hint of chocolate and chestnut undertones. You can find the kit at Bard’s Tale Beer Co and the beer they brew is sold in stores. The company was created by two guys who loved beer, but like many of us discovered they could no longer have it. They made it their mission to create a beer that tasted good and I would say this is something they have accomplished just that. Their moto stated on their website , “Everyone has a right to have a beer.” And that we do! Learn more at their site:


So next time you want to sit down with your friends and have a beer try one of these fine breweries and discuss. If anybody has any favorites feel free to leave a comment below.

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