Awesome Sauce At The GFAF Expo



      Looking for a new GF hot sauce? Well, here it is! There are a plethora of flavors to choose from, offering something for everyone’s taste buds.

Their Story

     The founder of this amazing sauce is a Chicagoan, whose ideas stem from an early love of playing with his food and mixing flavors. He started making salsa one summer after a good crop of tomatoes, with the goal to make his friends sweat. It turns out he was pretty good at it, which led him to hot sauces. The sauces quickly became his soul obsession.

     The goal was to make hot sauce that offered lots of flavor and tasted great.  The first hot sauce he developed was the BigFat’s 1o8 garlic basil hot sauce.  This became the first of 8 sauces all given all increasing in number and ending in o8 .  This also happens to be the sauce I tried at the GFAF Expo. The burn is slow, but left my tongue numb for a short time. The garlic explodes in your mouth with small accents of basil. I really enjoyed the flavor, as most hot sauces only offer the heat and not the flavor.

The rest is history! All 8 sauces listed below are available to the public:

  • 1o8 Garlic Basil Hot Sauce
  • 10275957_10103581273880368_2839463311642496986_n2o8 Bajan Style Hot Sauce
  • 3o8 Garlic Ginger Hot Sauce
  • 4o8 Jerk Style Hot sauce
  • 5o8 Chipotle Hot Sauce
  • 6o8 Pineapple Habanero Hot Sauce
  • 7o8 7 Pot Citrus Hot Sauce
  • 8o8 Naga Jolokia Hot Sauce

 Check them out:

A Spice Above10250286_10103581270337468_5130903210599551992_n

      This company offers a multitude of spice mixtures, that are easily combined with things like sour cream to create the perfect dip for any party. With 21 different flavors you can spice up any drab party. Not to mention they are low carb, have no MSG, gluten free  or have no preservatives, so you can feel healthy about your decision to dip. My  top 3 favorite dips: Blazzin’ Buffale, Oven Roasted Garlic and Western Ranch. This is a great product for those looking to feel good after an afternoon of dipping.



Check out their site:

Gluten Free for Men


      This BBQ sauce is marketed towards guys. This sauce was created by two guys from Kansas that were looking to keep all things men love, but my not be able to have because 10289944_10103581256360478_1687038605660521437_nof a GF allergy, alive.  There site offers a forum on how to handle a GF life style if you are a guy. However,  I love this sauce,  sweet with a burst of heat at the end (my boyfriend even bought a bottle to spice up the grill).  These guys10271590_10103581272138858_2145487826540624075_n were great to talk too and interested in making GF life for men easier. I think that’s great, since being GF tends to effect more women, leaving the men feeling left out of the loop.  The site also offers recipes for some amazing food.

Check out their site:


Sauce Goddess


   Their Story

 Jennifer Reynolds is the mastermind behind these amazing sauces and rubs. Jennifer’s love of grilling stemmed from her father, who took the art very seriously. Her love for cooking and bring people together spawned a beautiful idea in 10157186_10103581249389448_99872846073745867_n2000 with the creation of two sauces. These sauces quickly grew into a gourmet food company with award winning rubs and sauces for all to enjoy.

  This company really makes food taste great. The worst thing about being GF is most of the products offered are dry and tasteless, as if we do not deserve t10174837_10103581259903378_2716628937288883715_nhe same flavor as everyone else, but the products Sauce Goddess offers have an incredible flavor profile that makes one question, “Is this real?”

They also offer a wide variety snacks, like popcorn coated in some 1977258_10103581262837498_8221889508372960579_nof their spice mixes.  Her sauces offer everything from sweet and tangy to hot and spicy. I would recommend enjoying them at your next BBQ.

 Visit their site:



Hope Foods

10169405_10103581264344478_4148271083822302714_n (1)

Five friends set out on a mission to create an amazing Hummus that would blow people away. Unimpressed with the current product on the market they set out on their task. The first hummus was born from an avocado crossed with chickpea and Voila to create their Spicy Avocado Hummus. They started selling the product locally in 2011 with a goal to improve the food industry. They were a hit! The flavor profiles helped the friends form Hope Foods which they took national in 2013.  Their product is 100% organic and taste amazing. They have a hummus for everyone. My favorite drew on Thai spices called Thai Coconut Curry Hummus.  the Spicy Avocado also left an impression on me. Ever since the expo I have been craving their Hummus, so I would say that’s a sigh Hope Foods has something amazing going on.

Check out their site:

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