Wheat’s End Artisan Foods

             This place is a jem in the city! Open Monday through Friday  9 a.m. to noon and Sundays 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., is a dedicated gluten free cafe turning out fresh hot product for costumers. There’s nothing better than eating a muffin that is still steaming from the oven.

            When we went, one Sunday morning, we got a Blueberry Muffin, Chocolate glazed donut and Carrot Cake Muffin. The food had just come out of the oven. The atmosphere is light and friendly, as if you are sitting in a friends kitchen having a chat.


       The blueberry muffin was buttery and the texture was smooth. If someone had given me this muffin without the knowledge that it was gluten free, I would not have been able to tell the difference. That’s my goal when I bake and it was nice to see other bakeries apply this method too.

The Carrot Cake muffin was amazing if you have a sweet tooth. In truth it was more like a cupcake, complete with a cream cheese frosting. It was delicious.


           The donut was ok. While I understand how hard it is to make a gluten free donut, it tasted more like a cake. I’ve tried to create pumpkin donuts and came close because the donut itself is normally denser. I think they should keep tweaking the recipe because it does seem to be the closest thing to a donut I’ve come across and for that I’m grateful.

            Another amazing thing about this place is they take suggestions from costumers. That’s right if you call a head they will see if they can whip something up. This is amazing, something a normal bakery would do, but that GF bakers seem to stick their nose up at.

They are located at:

                                                           4201 N Ravenswood,
                                                          Chicago, Illinois 60613

Below is a list of everything they offer:

BiscuitsPlain** 2

  • Plain** 2
  • Cheddar & Chive 2.50


  • Amoretti .75
  •  Chocolate Chip 1
  •  Coconut Macaroon 1
  •  Date Maamoul 1.50
  •  Nutella Thumbprint 1.50
  •  Triscotti – Assorted Flavors 1


  • Dark Chocolate* 2.50
  •  Orange Spice* 2.50


  •  Orange Cherry 2.50


  •  Blueberry 2.50
  • Orange Poppy Seed 2
  •  Corn $2

English Muffins*

  •  Half Dozen 9
  • One Dozen 17

Mini loaves*

  • Half dozen 10
  •  One dozen 19

Tuscan Twist* **

  • Half dozen 7
  • One dozen 12.50

Pullman Sandwich Loaf**(2lbs) 9


  • 9″ Round 12
  •  5″ Round 4

Pizza Crusts* 7’’

– Half dozen 8
– One dozen 15


  • Half-Pound 4

Check out their website at:


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