Uncommon Ground

Sorry brunch has been amiss for the last couple of weekends, mostly do too busy schedules and a new job for me; but we managed to make it to a new spot called Uncommon Ground last weekend after a dizzying night out; one of those mornings where potatoes move from the maybe side of the brain to a must. The name was rather fitting for the bright morning that had greeted use, I think we all would have settle for a cloudy day with a light breeze.

The place is nice. Hand carved tables and a fireplace set against the wall, give the place a cozy cabin feel. We opted for the outdoor seating due to the humidity in the building.  We sat down expecting the usual: eggs, bacon, hash browns, maybe some toast if we got lucky, but nothing overly complex. Hell, I’m not sure our taste buds could handle more than the norm. The menu was very helpful; all the gluten free options are marketed with GF allowing us not to go through the trouble of asking the server, plus I’m not sure any of us wanted to talk more than needed.

We were looking for something to calm the headache, but found something amazing: Duck Confit Hash. We all ordered the same thing excited for the extravagant duck and surprised to find something so unique on the menu. It was a given, as soon as my boyfriend slammed his menu shut and announced that was what he was ordering it.

The Hash is covered with a hollandaise sauce the tasted fantastic. Two over easy rest under the sauce and further down is the duck and potatoes. A nice serving size of potatoes and peppers that did not over whelmed the dish. When you cracked the delicate eggs open and let the yoke run down into the hash it makes the perfect combination. We ate greedily, as if, if we stopped someone else would steal our plate away. It tasted like an extravagant breakfast someone might get at a suit and tie brunch at some overpriced restaurant, but we were in an upbeat cabin sitting down the street from Wrigley Field.


There are lots of other option to have at Uncommon Ground, but I would recommend ordering the Duck Confit Hash. Your taste buds will be taken on an elegant dining experience for an affordable price. You can check out their menu here:


They have two locations listed below that you should check out this Sunday!

1401 W Devon Ave
Chicago, IL
(773) 465-9801

3800 N Clark St
Chicago, IL
(773) 929-3680

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