Wheatless Wanderer’s Brew of Choice

There’s loads of gluten free beer and cider out there to choose from, which can make it hard to decide. I prefer dry cider as it does not produce the sugar hangover most ciders leave you with. For beer I love dark, but that’s not something that I’ve found in the market place in GF form (if you have please point me in the direction), so I prefer light to fruity. That got me thinking I should put together a list of my favorite brews.

Top Beers and Ciders

Daura Estrella

I love that this GF beer actually taste like I’m having a beer. I don’t think I should have to choke down some lame excuse for GF beer just because I can’t have gluten.


My favorite Woodchuck is a limited release, so get it while you can. Its smooth flavor allows this beer to be light on your stomach and produces less of a hangover.

In the fall their pumpkin beer is amazing, however they only brew one batch of it. Once September hits keep an eye peered for this fall treat.

New planet

My personal is Belgian Ale, as you may remember from What’s on tap at the GF Expo.

They offer a variety of beer that allows the wheat less wanderer a choice of flavors. I would recommend getting some for your next BBQ to enjoy.

Green’s Brewery

Another brewer that offers wheatless wanderers an escape from cider, as much as I love cider, sometimes it’s too sweet for my stomach.

Angry Orchard

If you’re in the mood for a variety of cider that offers a more specialized line, this is the drink for you. MY personal favorite is the Elder Flower, which is usually released in the spring and hangs around till September.

Ace Cider

I love the pumpkin cider they make in the fall, but really most of their ciders are a winner especially if you love fruit cider

Yes, I have tried others, but these are the ones I buy most often. Please let me know if you have any recommendations and I’ll be sure to review it.


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