Ground Breaker Brewery-Gluten Free

Take a journey with me to the far reaches of the universe where all things delicious and intriguing are gluten free. There is a plethora for us to choose from, including beer. Now dust off the starry-eyed vision and look around. You will find yourself in Portland, OR, a northwestern state that has jumped into craft brewing and run with it.

I'll take a flight!

I’m giving you an address 2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214. This is the start of the far reaches of the universe for those of us that are gluten free and it is very real. This Ground Breaker Brewery and Gastropub only serves Gluten free beer and food. In other words, it is a fairytale. To take it one step further they offer at least 6 types of beer ranging from light to dark, fruity to savory. These beers change as the seasons do. Order a flight, try it all because they don’t sell outside the pacific north-west and because some beers are so rare that they sell out by the next visit back, as I was sad to learn.

On our trip west, we stopped here twice, and honestly I wish of could have stopped at this rustic watering hole every day after work.If there were a gluten free food show, this should be the first stop.Currently, they are featuring for the Summer of 2015:

Johnny GBB

Year round beer includes such delicious flavors as:

dark aleIPA

pale aleola

Try anything, try everything because it’s all bursting with flavor! To learn more about each unique flavor please click  Ground Breaker Brewing to visit their website. I am a big fan and if they could somehow start selling in the midwest, I would forever grateful.


The for at the gastropub is equally amazing. I had The Cubano a delicious tangy and sweet mixture of slow roasted pork shoulder, ham, swiss, pepper relish, spring lettuce, pickles, beer mustard stuffed between a New Cascadia bun. My mouth is watering just thinking about the flavor still on the tip of my tongue.



They have many delicious foods, all gluten free. Please feel free to check out their menu. Below you will find their information, and if you are lucky enough to be heading out there soon, I would be forever grateful if you could bring some back to share with me. Otherwise enjoy, go forth on your gluten free adventure and claim your gold. Believe me, once you have tried it you will want to move to Portland.



Ground Breaker Gastropub
2030 SE 7th Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 928-4195

Ground Breaker Brewing
715 SE Lincoln St.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 974-4467

   Follow them on twitter @GroundBrkrBrew

        Follow them on Instgram@groundbreakerbrewing

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