The Red Headed Wheatless Wanderer



Join me on the hunt for the next new restaurant offering more options for an adventurous wheatless wanderer in search of the best gluten free food and recipes. Restaurants are offering more options for gluten free diners and I will be your guide to seeking the best options out. I will report back on my experiences with different restaurants and recipes deemed gluten free, near and far.  

I am a self professed foodie, who developed wanderlust before I could speak. I discovered after college while Spain,  that wheat and I had a beef, so we parted ways. I was left wondering: where do I go to eat? How do I make my favorite foods gluten free? Why does everything have wheat in it?

At the time, there weren’t many answer. There are cook books and substitutions, but most foods felt like cardboard in my mouth. People said I would get used to the texture, but I wondered:

Is there was a way to change how dense the food was?

Or if there were places that offered gluten free food?

Thankfully the answer to both of these questions was yes. Now, I seek to explore, experiment, travel and share the experiences I have and will have with the wheat-less state.

Facts of the Wheatless Wanderer:

I am a mid-thirty something, living in Chicago. A die-hard Black Hawks fan, who grow up in the suburbs just outside of the city. A wonderful city, that rivals New York in terms of food. I have been cooking since I was old enough to hold a spoon over a simmering pot of tomato sauce and perhaps this is the birth place of this undertaking. I am graduate from Purdue University and spent three years living in Alaska, among other interesting places. I love dogs, travel, fashion, photography, reading and writing.

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Twitter: @redgfwanderer

Instagram: @theredheadedwheatlesswanderer

Pinterest: WheatlessWanderer

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