Gluten-Free Hangover Sandwich

Looking for something to shake that hangover or just to celebrate the start of the weekend? I have the perfect recipe for you the gluten-free hangover sandwich! … More Gluten-Free Hangover Sandwich

Pumpkin Season

In the Midwest, the air smells of burnt leave, the trees decorate every corner in golden yellows and firey reds. At night there seems to be an eternal bonfire drafting over the towns lulling us off to sleep. The moons appear magical in thin crescents and full beauty, yes it is definitely time for pumpkin … More Pumpkin Season

The Chef Challenge

As of late I haven’t had a lot of time to cook or bake gluten -free food. In fact I’ve had close to no time nor energy but that’s all changing today. I love flexing my culinary muscle, making things people only see in restaurants and fawn over wishing it could be gluten-free, so its … More The Chef Challenge

Uncommon Ground

Sorry brunch has been amiss for the last couple of weekends, mostly do too busy schedules and a new job for me; but we managed to make it to a new spot called Uncommon Ground last weekend after a dizzying night out; one of those mornings where potatoes move from the maybe side of the … More Uncommon Ground

Orange with a Peel

 Sunday March 30th 2014 After a brief interlude of suit shopping the previous sunday, brunch happened as planned at Orange with a Peel. This is a trendy family place, complete with carrots nailed to the orange wall as you walk in whimsical touch. Everything about the restaurants gives off a light air.Perhaps it was because it … More Orange with a Peel